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Welcome to SeriPrint

SeriPrint-ZipRip (UK) Limited is an international company, firmly continuing to support its customers and striving to provide the most efficient service through on-line support and supply of its products either directly to the end user or through our dealer and distributor network.

SeriPrint has been established since 1994

The SeriPrinter Model 25

The SeriPrinter system is a spot colour printing machine comprising of the SeriPrinter Model 25 VDE UV drying unit connected to a supported digital duplciator. The combination of technologies provides the versatility of high quality spot colour printing on a variety of substrates. The unique UV drying SeriPrinter ensures instant drying enabling fast turn-around of print runs increasing production.


Print Engine Support

The SeriPrinter Model 25 supports the Ricoh family group of Digital Duplicators, this includes the JP, HQ and DD models of duplicators.

Variable Speed

Auto detectable variable speed from the Digital Duplicator paper exit onto the SeriPrinter belt bed. Internal vacuum mechanism holds paper.

Substrate Variety

The SeriPrinter prints on a variety of substrates from 46 gsm paper to 216 gms card including tyvek

Instant drying on tyvek and all substrates

SeriDrums - Type 50/80/90

The SeriPrinter system includes the print cylinder from the digital duplicator. SeriPrint adapts and modifies the original digital duplicator print cylinderto make it compatible with the SeriInk range of UV inks. Each SeriDrum is capable of printing a single SeriInk colour.

The SeriInk Range

The SeriInk range of UV inks are specially formualted for the SeriPrinter Model 25. The range of inks comprise of set of base colours. In addition a mixing service is offered to mix custom colours.

Spare Parts

SeriPrint supplies a range of consumable and other spare parts for the SeriPrinter Model 25 and the SeriDrum. For more information on spare parts availabiblity please contact us using one of our contact methods below.

Unit 5 OYO Business Units, The Fairground, Weyhill, Anodver, Hampshire, SP11 0QH, United Kingdom

+44 1264 771638

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